Chris Butler: Vocals, Guitars, Instruments.

Chris got his musical start in Louisville, a Detroit city boy transplanted for his high school years on the edge of the South, rich with bluegrass, horse racing and bourbon. Boston's grit, chock-full of garage bands, drew him away to college in the East. After playing music chairs in countless bands, he headed off to San Francisco to explore the wave of new media and the bourgeoning indie movement. It was here, across from the Hall of Justice, in the center of Bail Bonds Gardens, that he met Wendy and started to record with her. Chris played with The Rescuers before forming Jinx with Wendy.

Wendy Skratt: Vocals, Bass, Refinements.

Wendy's creative roots grew out of the dust of the San Jose hills. At an early age, she was drawn to photography as a way to express herself. As her talent surfaced, Wendy sought to explore art school in Washington, DC. When she returned to San Francisco, she found herself amidst a social revolution brought about by technology and the wash of new dreams. She met Chris in the heart of this creative whirlpool and was persuaded to lend her voice to a single he was recording. Her uniquely textured voice added new harmony to Chris' melancholy wanderings and the two have collaborated since.

Peter Butler, formerly played bass and drums with Jinx while in San Francisco.

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