july 2002
Well, we updated the site. It took us quite a long time to do it, but we went through some crazy times with the move from London to Brooklyn. There was a lot of time spent putting in a shower/bath into our new place (which is a fairly raw space) and if anyone decides to tile, we now definitely have some tips on things to avoid...

Anyway, to those of you who've emailed or requested info and/or an update, thanks for your patience.

15 july 2002 - RELEASE
Release of King of the Rats 7" (b/side Bed of Pipes) on Becalmed Records, now based in London, UK. Supporting shows to follow in the NY area, possibly on the east coast as well.

Becalmed Records is available via the following distributors: UK: Shellshock, Melody Bar, Norman Records, Chunky Records, Rough Trade, Pennyblack Music; USA: Insound.com, Clairecords; Spain: Autoreverse; Germany: Hausmusik.

? july 2002 - RELEASE
Release of Nothing More contributed to a compilation out of Belgrade, Serbia on Balcony Records. Bands from Elefant, Firestation Tower, Apricot, Shelflife Records and others are featured. Reports from Ana & Nick of Balcony suggest that they'll persevere through Serbian bureaucracy and have the CD out soon. Track listing
7 may 2002
Brooklyn show at Galapagos with the Windmills (UK) and Simpàtico (AU). Flyer on Jinx site (link). Jinx debuts drummer Aaron Woolsey. A very enjoyable time is spent with the Windmills and Jimmy from Matinée Records.

27 february 2002
Jinx relocates to Brooklyn, NY. Williamsburg an amazing place to be for indie music. Galapagos, North 6th, Club Luxx, Stinger, Warsaw are just a few of the wonderful venues. We're not moving again any time soon.
31 january 2002
London show at the Bull & Gate with ? and ?. Flyer on Jinx site (link).
14 january 2002
London show at the Bull & Gate with Sokay and Squeaky Buddha. Promotional flyer on Jinx site (link).
9 january 2002
News of Jinx songs played on an alternative Belgrade radio station in Serbia. Marco Polo, from the Papercuts magazine release is mentioned as a favorite.
29 november 2001
Jinx records in studio five songs for upcoming distribution in 2002. Mixing, mastering, etc. to come.
15 september 2001
Stylus hosted a show at the Blue Posts, courtesy of Pam Berry and Mike Jones. The Relict (Innes Phillips, ex-Clientele), Bart from Cat's Miaow!, and The Pines (Pam Berry & Joe B) and Jinx all played acoustic sets.

  • Becalmed Records asks Jinx to release the single King of the Rats (B-side, Bed of Pipes).
  • Jinx meets Matthew (our new drummer), a huge turning point in the sound of the band.
7 july 2001
Limited compilation release of 7 songs written for Kori and Jason's wedding. (Mates of State).
Jinx contributes The Rings Within Our Tree. A big congratulations to Kori and Jason!
5 june 2001
East-end London acoustic show with the Foxgloves. Solo material by Joe B and Chris Butler.
17 february 2001
Jinx relocates to London, UK. For the time being...
11 april 2000
Papercuts magazine release party. Martin Robinson of Mell Street hosts Anticipate, a pre-ATP (All Tomorrows Parties) celebration at the Betsey Trotwood. A limited release compilation CD accompanies the magazine with seventeen tracks. Jinx and the Foxgloves play to an exuberant crowd.
28 december 1999
News of Jinx song Marco Polo played at a Manchester nightclub indie night. Oddly, no Jinx songs have been officially released for public consumption at this point. -from DJ Matthew Payne.
old history
We played some shows in San Francisco, got our feet wet with recording once again, and generally wandered around in our thoughts trying to get the concept off the ground. We're leaving out a lot of the bits in-between until we have time to clear our heads and figure out what they really mean...
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