? july 2002 - RELEASE on Balcony Records
Release of    Nothing More contributed to a compilation out of Belgrade, Serbia on Balcony Records . Bands from Elefant, Firestation Tower, Apricot, Shelflife Records and others are featured. Reports from Ana & Nick of Balcony suggest that they'll persevere through Serbian bureaucracy and have the CD out soon.

Track listing:
Goldstoned   Happy street
La Casa Azul   Chicle Cosmos
Riviera   Beautiful Boy
Arvidson   Wake Up
me Envenuno de Azules   Llaves
Les Tres Bien Ensemble   Chanson d`Amour
One Night Suzan   No Guts
Aquadays   Sunshine Girl
Niza   Por Las Tardes
Jinx   Nothing More
The Grindcore Poppies   This Light Will Always Shine
Vainica Doble   El Chale
Byrons Girlfriend   If
Hydroplane   City Terminus
Amber Smith   Above The Clouds
The Crooner   Bliss

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